There comes a time, when you look forth and back but to imagine the clock was still.
The memories of a pleasant companion raided by the course of time.
I never can stop but to think about the old good days, when nights were morning and pains clouded by the pleasure of your company.


Who will be my confidant when you are gone?
Who will make me smile again when I\’m drowned in tears?
Who will I share my painful experience of the little stipend I was given and expected to manage?
Who will be there to tell me how much value I control just to make me believe in myself?
Who should I turn to?

Like the rising of the sun, I wake up every morning to your absence.
The pain of your absence never leaves, just as the statue of lots wife, your image is captured in my heart.
The pleasant grooves is a memory I always wish to come alive.

I never knew time was a great thief who should be imprisoned but was let loosed like Barabbas.
Had I known to pause the shortened fun days but to divine my dominion was limited.
For thy worth, my lineage must tell your tale.

By: Nwodo Walter Onyebuchi (WALTER PETER\’S)

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