Amidst tussling times and raging climates
When the chips fade and my claws chopped,
Life has left brawls on my forehead –
Hitting me at the worst of my moments,
But still and still my head refuses to bow.


Whether it be like journeying to the peak of Everest,
I shall set off my sails unfeared.
If life blades me along;along I’ll still run –
Refuge I’ll take in the shade of the night to parry,
At the point of my rest, I shall continue at dawn.

If you say you know the pains of the war of life,
I’ll tell you the feelings to fight without a shield.
If you say your back holds too many enemy arrows,
I’ll tell you I know the feelings with staggering knees
And shredded brains with clubs, yet my head won’t bow.

If life would please to mince me for auction,
Perhaps grill me with the best spices
That bidders would pay off to their bellies-
It only fails to realize what a fortunate soul I am;
Along the flaming boulevard, I’ll still remain unafraid and unbowed.

No matter the darting flames on sinking sands,
Thunderstorms smiling with it’s teeth wide;
Striking smites on my boat while the rain punches hard.
Nevertheless, though life may turn me in to the farthest desert,
It’ll still and still meet me refusing to bow.

That by the hour of my sun down,
When men shall number the legacies I laid hence,
Sing memorable chords to the resting of my soul –
Though I shall lay strength-less; but not tired,
For life will find and still find me unbowed.

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