If I had known that you would only grow wing against my franchise and sweep my pains under the carpet, I wouldn’t have spent fortune to stand on the long queue under the scotching sun to vote for you.

You promised Emeka an appointment when you ascend the throne, if only he could be your thug to bring you to power by any means, only for him to hear that your watery mouth appointment has been given to your brother Kayode.

You became power drunk the instance you ascended the throne, demolishing the houses of your voters, voters who sacrificed their time and health to see you in power. Without regards you intimidated and killed those who voted you in. Where is your conscience?

You made billions out of the pain and sweat of the poor, you caused misery and traumatised the soul of the innocent, yet your heart is clouded with deceit and greed, devising more ways to extort the little the common man lived on. Where is your sense of dignity?

If only mama Nkechi knew your antics, she wouldn’t have rallied over you and campaigned for your election only for you to turn around in appreciation to deprive her of age long shelter in the name of master plan which you pulled out to further expand your cursed treasury bags.

You sent your kids to the best schools abroad with the pains of the poor.
You travel oversea for medical treatment while you Cyphoned the money meant to build hospitals meant for the poor.
You hijacked the money meant to build roads just. Because you don’t ply the road and take pain relievers.

The cry of the poor rains like storm.
Someday the mighty rod of pains and misery shall visit your mansions and you will have no where, nobody to turn to. For the life you live today must surely come after you in the after life.

By: Nwodo Walter Onyebuchi (WALTER PETER’S)

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