I once brought you all joy
And after you threw me away like a used toy
Leaving me so frustrated
In shattered pieces
So I cover my broken heart in this poetic pieces
So l could at least be at peace
In such a bleak situation
One so huge,meant to be faced by a nation
Is all being fixed in me; emotional operation
Causing pain and bleeds in sensation

You were once a blanket,my comfort and border
You left me all blank,just to opt for another
Breached our love bond; giving it all to another carrier
I did all I could to seek your attention
So at ease I stood
Yet you took everything for granted
I ever thought I will always be understood
But you got me so confused
You got me so mesmerized to be precise
For my trust in you was a Knickerbocker;so large in size
So why leave me for another⁉️

By: DaCosta Kofi Aboagye

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