Don’t the same blood runs through our veins?


And don’t we obviously go through similar pains?

So why the hate on my kind?

For if not due to geographical location.

Guess we would have been in the same position.

Experiencing the same weather and opportunities.

I wouldn’t have been a victim to these casualties.

Why trying to eliminate your brethren from another region.

Killing us and using us as experiments with aid as a caption.

Let’s not forget what history does tell..

Even without civilization we did lived well.

Yet through your numerous activities.

You destroyed our cultures and exchanged our identities…

Even during the decades of enslavement.

We fully endure the memories of the inhuman treatment.

And whenever you visit our region.

We hail you as one with special origin.

So why the hate on my kind?

Why the abuse and dragging our heads to the slaughter.

Why thrashing our name in mud amidst laughter.

Yet you use our robust icon as your labor sources.

And you timely over exploit our resources.

But when we are in your countries.

We get stigmatized and killed on your streets.

Why has the system made we Blacks to be blind.

And you White’s the crafty masterminds.

So why are you hating on my kind?
For Blacks are human too

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