The dream is to be rich and bold, great and strong

So our parents see a hero and professionals in us

Prophet and soothsayers might even see beyond

And friends and society do see otherwise

But above all that they see; you just find yourself in life’s net

Plenty folks have a different dream for us

Regardless of our potentials within

And on those foundation I term their counsel

They build some massive castles

Being born as a child; so young and free

We enjoyed everything freely at no fee

So the confidence of who we want to be when we grow

Was like a chorus we sing at a show

Everyone want to be a queen and rule like king

With several servants and wear diamond rings

Like Azar; we want to be number one

Painting the world with our favorite colors.

And walk majestically on golden parlors

But growing up as youth

Life actually told us the truth

Reality thought us that is not on a silver platter

Being yourself, Is like opening to a difficult chapter

The desire to be a doctor at six

Turns to a carpenter at twelve

Migrate to a musician at eighteen

And some point; we don’t even know who to be

Not forgetting, Our welfare is subject to the economy

With education holding the autonomy

And our environment influencing our decisions

Trampling on our vision and passion

Forcing us to chase the wrong dreams

And end up emptied to the brim

One thought of being like teacher Kwesi

And fly to America and Zambezi

Has shown a route

In reality, A doctor is working accounts in banks

And the unqualified are being giving high ranks

Hunger and greed has called several men to the pulpit

Looting and pushing the innocent and ignorant into a messed pit

Filling people’s mind with winding ecstasy

Through their ambiguous and false prophecies

Do I even know who I want to be?
It’s like a heavy burden loaded on me

I wish I could be a footballer or writer

But for a traders son I have to learn to be a manager

Climbing the ladder upstairs to success

In this diaspora is filled with immense stress

So now I don’t think of who I want to be

For even those we look up to or envy

Are like wolf’s in a sheep skin

Who really burn deep from within

So if you ask me, who I want to be like?

I will simply say,
“I want to be me”

For the person you ought to be

Is yourself and no no one else.

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