If we had the power to predict our death


To tell at what time to breathe our last breath

Then It should be at the point when we are still strong

And not when all things are going wrong

It should be at the stance of having enough wealth instead

For your offsprings and lineage to inherit in your sted

Not when the family struggles for their daily bread

For your carcass to be more of a curse than a blessing instead.

If we had the power to predict when to die

I will assume it should be a period of food health

And not when weak and broken down to earth

No matter a person’s colour, race or gender

Everyone practically wants to live forever

So to ask when to die

Is actually a question without an answer

Like Ef-pac everyone wants his or her pain to be blown away

Forgetting death is the only way

Yet in the face of death;

Pleading for life becomes the sacred agenda

When to die , I believe should not be through accidents and disasters.

Leaving the family to street life

Filled with immense sweet strive

When to die should be a point of being free and not bond

Not when sickness has weaken us at the mercy of the strong

It should be at the point when everything seem to be right

And you have inner peace everyday and night

It should be the time when your faith in your savior is still alive

So that even when you die you may be brought back to life

For when to die should be when you have been called to rest by God

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