When the sun went pale

You caused it

We have lived with your havoc on earth

Of all, What is the gain?

Thy death you accepted without questioning

You blew asunder the hope we had for life and our dreams you shattered

When the sun went pale you did not know

When the moon bled you did not know

When the moon refused to dance, it was like a dream

But when the moon shone you were happy

When you  inflicted the pains of a crushing heat in the depths of our hearts you did not know

Religion cropped thy sense to sin

Thou shall not kill was a commandment embedded in thy hearts but you stooped to kill


You sacked our villages

Slit the throat of our grannies and our grandpas, you hacked to death

Our daughters were raped and our youths, you did not spare

Preying on them like vulture is to dead bodies and our houses are in flames

From the Sahel to Kaduna

You slaughtered sleep and wielded destruction in your clothes of death down to the Plateau which lies on Delimi River, near the source of the Jamaari River called Bunga Farther downstream

The village of the Biroms

That wasn’t enough, you sojourned to Maiduguri which sits along the seasonal Ngadda (Alo) River which disappears into the Firki (black cotton). Swamp of the lake Chad

There, you clamoured for a caliphate with brute killings, detonating bombs and cutting bodies into bits


While we slept, you trusted a sword in our hearts

And took captive, two hundred and seventy six figs in the gloomy town of Chibok

Fifty seven escaped and the remaining, you whisked away

The hashtag bring back our girls went viral and the world stood still and yet truth unrevealed

Over the years, one hundred and seven figs were released to fate

But the remaining, you sold to slavery and kept some for self

There is great pain in our hearts

When we remember your deeds

Our cries are in tone and our tears undried

That wasn’t enough, you took another one hundred and ten figs from Dapchi

Five answered death’s call and you released the others except Leah Sharibu the Christain girl


You married her off lmpregnated her and gave her parents pain, sorrow and tears as pride price

Reapers of havoc

Havoc! I mean havoc

Which havoc?

You planted a seed of discord in the depths of my our hearts

A seed that brought us to ruin

A seed that left heads  disentangled and bodies maimed beyond repair

The spirits of the innocent help us

We are standing on the other side of life and a great chasm separates


Religion! I mean religion

Which religion?

Jews, Christians and Muslims alike.

One God our Creator

Our blood cried like Abel’s and the ground drank to it satisfaction

When blood flowed like a torrent

When blood spilled like tea from a falling mug

Thy stay on earth is transient

We all came to buy

We shall all return to tender

The sun has gone pale

Pale enough to see how we hide away from fate


By Dim lfeanyichukwu

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