From the northern down to the southern hemisphere.


From the smoke and gases released into the atmosphere

Dancing above the waste we dispose in and on our sphere.

Is the very reason to the eruption of viruses and infections.

Ampersand the outbreaks of diseases.

And with every passing day.

Our chances of survival too raises up in a way.

With diverse climate changes on rampant.

Like the bearing of bedbug’s infants.

Polluting our surroundings.

Like standing on a time bomb and activating

It definitely triggers with a fierce face

Waging war on our earthly phase

Our ozone being dragged above a train

With heat splashing like rain

Causing dryness, accidents and severe drought

Constant changes caused by our very own activities

Are now grand threats to all species especially humanity.

Longer forest fire seasons

Shorter rains and crop failure in every season

Claiming more in lands

Leaving us with few farmlands

The very beginning of food crisis

Don’t forget the Sea level does rises

Serving us destructive storm urges

As a way of fulfilling their pledges

The pledges they made the minute we pollute

A crime against our environment

Harming our living and every existing component

A crime on our own lives

A pain we caused ourselves to strive

Thus indeed a war against ourselves.

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