Why do you cry woe when your heart is closed to the pain of your brother. For being from different blood and race, you despised and chastised the man from North, you paid a deaf ears to his plague and tagged him an enemy. What justifications do you have to protest the racism in the west while you breed same in you heart?


You denied the Isoko man a job just to favour your Yoruba brother. You saw the unjust judgement against the Igbo Man but you claim to know nothing about it, just because your Hausa brother presided over the case. Who are you to crucify the white for their racist trait?

You hate the Igbo Man because of his tribe and gift you didn’t give him, you hate the Yoruba man because of his region and lifestyle, the Hausa man was never left out because as you see him as that illiterate who deserves nothing good but life long slavery. You killed the peace you ought to protect with your unworthy tribalism. How could you join the anti-racial campaign?

You were previledge to rule over diverse ethnicity, yet you never saw reasons to love your subject equally. You milk from tega to to feed the protruded tummy of Adamu, just because he’s your Kingsman. You denied the competent Emeka a job in your firm just because your unruly brother Tunde needs to work not minding if he’s qualified for the job or not. And you have the guts to preach unity and expect peace to reign?

Until the Igbo Man sees the Hausa man as his brother, the Yoruba man makes peace with the isoko man and the jukun man come to build a common fence with the Tiv man, racism has come to stay. We are one, let’s eat as one, think as one and live as one for we have been given dominion over the earth.

By: Nwodo Walter onyebuchi (WALTER PETER’S)

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