My dear Rain Mermaid❤️

I knew no rage,
I don’t have a scene anger
I don’t spite so easily

It’s not because I’m invincible,
Not because I do not feel
But because I do not gather venom

I’m known to shoot last shots
I never missed a shot too
Neither have I wasted a target

My rain mermaid ❤️

The power of my aroma
sparks a talking tom, talking
A dancing eyes stops–agape

Hm! The leer of my tongue,
Makes the billy goat handover its odor
And its canal knowledge also.

Yet its being two years,
Since I last shot a shot
And it was the 25th target.

My rain mermaid❤️

Ever since I met you,
In that beautiful trotro on a dusty road
To the junction of School junction

You remember those vibes you gave,
That beautiful smile,
They never leaves my thoughts,

Despite being Kwame Nkrumah,
Of colonized minds,
Separating superhumans from chaffs

My rain mermaid ❤️

Remember I told you of effects,
One night, Old enough to bear witness,
When you scooped all the leftover residue.

I told you of readiness too,
Yet I never intended to shoot a shot,
But a cunning tongue unleashed an arrow,

You know the night I rebirthed you,
Renamed you as rain mermaid under a mild downpour
I became a son of the rain goddess too.

My rain mermaid❤️

Our midnight chats has been rooted,
Open minded, candid, and blunt.
A nightingale heard telling things about you.

Brimming appetite to such heightened level,
That I never knew anybody could touch;
Any mortal, born of loins–flesh and blood

Yet your “terrible luck” proved a key,
Opening a lock, made of diamond;
Never had there been a key to this.

My rain mermaid ❤️

Aha! Didn’t the world thought me crazy,
For not compromising on anything?
Yet tomatoes smile upon my sight.

I know you are in a middle of dilemma,
Left leg forward, right leg backward,
Sensing something abnormal,

Ahem! Abnormality only troops your doorstep,
For when a snakes develop buttocks,
The world goes asunder.

My rain mermaid ❤️

Love! Oh ho! What an emotionally hang up?
Hysteria on physical appearances; reality loss, huh!
And many others can’t connect the dots.

But in my realm of consciousness,
Love–a negotiated piece of jewel–
Required compromise and consensus.

And love is a complimentary ticket,
A partnership to propelled each to higher levels,
Bringing each others best capabilities

My rain mermaid ❤️

Love is not what they say it is; elusive beauty–
Yet it’s companionship,
Shouldering a head without a pillar,

Love is marriage; not mirage,
Providing comfort and satisfaction,
And reproducing; When there’s none to offer.

Love is friendship in confidence,
A platform of reliability and trust,
This is what they won’t say it is.

My rain mermaid❤️

You have scooped out my intestines,
Emptying the little secret I nursed on love,
And numbness griped my mind.

This only happens,
When the Ashen sky meets the blueish sea
At the planks of ocean at the Atlantic.

I am only but human,
With driven feelings and affection,
Which landed at your doorstep like a meteorite.

My rain mermaid ❤️

I don’t know how to call it?
Maybe it’s love, or deserts,
Connected by two Rivers.

But it lacks the kohl decorated eyes,
A very bright iris, lining a black pupil,
And a pointed African nose.

I know it wasn’t love–beautiful,
And not what they say, “will end in tears”
Because it’s a long way from home.

My rain mermaid ❤️

They say two types of water shared the sea,
Though same territory,they never shared goals.
We can as well share a space too.

As I talk to you in monologue,
I am in stasis–somnambulism, Walking away;
Singing (far-faraway into freedom…)

My rain mermaid, I know! You know!
But don’t let the dog eat us,
To make good of good again from unfettered freedom.

My Rain Mermaid,
It’s yours Affectionate,
Son of Rain Goddess.

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