We were brothers! until you embraced the stray bullet, leaving me to the fate of other bullets.
You promised to fight by me, but you left the scene with a mark you signed to uphold.
The war just started but your batch and riffle laid bared wiating for you to get up.

We fought to protect both the seen and unseen.
Without sentiment nor prejudice you paid the Supreme price for peace.
A born soldier, destined to either die or live to safeguard the world.

After the severe training in the cantonment,
The head pinning and press ups,
Drilling and long distance races,
you gave up the ghost without reaping the benefits of the rugged days.

You left for the field with a promise to see your kids.
Your wife saw you off, smiling and waving with a faint hope to see you again.
But the next encounter was a bomb you detonated, a flag painted in your country’s colours, given to her instead of her husband.

Oh! Soldier!
Why do you have to let go?
Why do you have to leave me to fight alone?
Why do I have to tell the war stories in your place?
Why do I have to complete the task we both swear to start.
Soldier why?
I can’t hold you back but your memories for ever lingers.

By: Nwodo Walter Onyebuchi (WALTER PETER’S)

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I am Festus Oppong Kwabena Asante (FOKA). An entrepreneur (web designer, web hoster, advertising agent), journalist, poet and writer. I love art and poetry. And this platform is my bit of contribution to the African community (millennial generation), to endeavor to showcase their talent on a wide platform such as this to the world while creating connection that last a lifetime with the denizens herein. P.S. Though predominantly African-centric, peoples of other Nationalities are welcomed.


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