Unchangeable Trait

I wish but can’t stop, it’s in my nature I’d write what I see.
I know I’ve exposed your evil secrets, how you’ve pepetrated the plight of the masses, oh supremo, you did threaten me but I’m sorry, I can’t stop, my ink must flow.

You Mr. White, you had wished I never wrote, oh you’ve cursed the flow of my ink to end but it failed, exposing your disguised help on the blacks, just like a Parasite you dwelt on the Black’s Gold, you thought I could hide it, I’m sorry my ink must flow.. I’ll write to tell my people, what you’ve done to us

You ambassador of fantasy, I know thy joy is buried in secret affairs, how you wished ears will not perceive it, but my ink flowed, living you exposed, I’m sorry I wish but can’t help it, my ink must flow

Hahaha! Sir, I’m really sorry, I know how you molest our innocent Amazons, oh thy greatest wish is to let thy smelling acts be buried forever, but the Poetess ink began to flow, leaving you exposed

You so called man of God, I see how you’ve misled the godly sheep, leaving them blind, preaching the anti-gospel, you’d thought I’ll hide it, but I’m sorry my ink must flow, I can’t help not telling the congregations your evil secrets

Boldness never eludes the eagle
A lion can’t be a bird
As far as the River flows endlessly,
So shall my ink continue to flow.
I know I might have hurt you with my piece, but it’s not my fault.
It’s in my nature, to expose the happenstances of life.
I’m a Poetess, I live to write,I wish I could stop but it’s in my nature to write

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