He came forth wrapped in gorgeous beauty
Two and zero and two and zero
Mesmerizing twos and hopeful zeros
Bearing gifts and visions of platinum and gold
Unknown to the world he had conceived three
Hope, faith, and a poisonous third
Super deadly like black bullets in a barrel
Coercing and bullying innocent hearts
It seized a zero in the blessed year
And covered itself in thorny spikes
A beauty in the lab and a monster to man
A stubborn inedible protein on earth
Forcing its way down anhydrous throats
And winding way up the wide nose tunnels
It announced its coming from the farthest east
With no vivid clue it could cross a border
It walked, jumped, and open gates
Broke fortresses and sacred citadels
Marching on like an unstoppable King
Crippling royals and murdering claws
As deadly as hurricanes and mighty tremors
It emptied streets not a soul in sight
Pelicans and parrots covered the sky
Tigers and tortoises owned asphalt
And whales and walruses had a peaceful swim

A new order of brotherly love beckoned
Friends of covid were alien to friends
And complete distancing the newest amour
Hugs and kisses looked gross as evil
The friendly salutations were fast forgotten
Coughs and sneezes were weapons of death
Deadly weapons of mass massacre
Did the pandemic register horror alone?
Shall we reminisce only of the black?
Nay! The other side of the coin remains
Evident as the cloud that covered the view
In the midst of the live tumultuous chaos
A white dove warbled a song of hope
A white flag signaled the newest dawn
The retina of nations opened widest
Streams and rivers danced in the dessert
Winter shone bright and hot as the sun
And stones became the king’s edible
Inventions never ceased in America
And innovations flooded the soils of Africa
Is this the awakening forefathers chanted?
Should we be ecstatic of the brand new day?
What shall be said of the leader today?
Did he see the summer snow?

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