Together forever is the theme

Of bonding us together to the end and extreme

To overthrow and rule our dream

Of staying together to the brim as a team

So forever with a solid foundation of love, respect and trust

Our friendship was a galvanized one that will have never rusted

Yet you bruised our fantastic love fantasy in pain

When you left me in my struggle and shame

In the quest for someone to offer comfort, wealth and fame

But as moments leave stains on our memories

So will our dark caves always recall such amazing stories

Stay tuned to the good old days

The whispers of love was so deep I say

And together forever should we have stayed

Not for you to yonder your youthful beauty away

Just to wonder your paths across my now smooth way again

And now preaching of repentance after going astray

Forgetting your pledge was blown away from it’s feet

When it was meant to last forever and not just some few weeks

But at least I learnt never to put all trust in man, Not that they may deliberately disappoint

But rather situations sometimes cause them to unintentionally disappoint at a point

Yet a pledge to stay together forever

Requires laying down your life to be raided for each other

Going through rough and smooth paths together

And upholding each other’s values and happiness in high esteem

That alone can assure your togetherness till death do you part when the time deems

So to let’s enjoy our solemn vow of being together for now

For it’s unfortunate we will someday still say goodbye as well

Since we will not live forever

But to my heart ? we ought to stay together forever

Published by DaCosta de Poet ?

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