Like a wall clutched with a ladder
We solely lean on each other
Had our breakfast and lunch together
Amidst unending monster laughter
In fact, we are closer than Aladdin and his pet
And in our dealings, do we accord maximum respect.
Like a bleach cream, you lighten my fears
And cause me to darken up before our peers
So, I stand tall before the rest
And fall low to you; like a baby to the breast
When work directs me left, you go right
My exact version, my cushion and sunlight.
You enlighten my day
And your dares move my spines I say
Loving you will never be a mistake
For it’ll be a great venture to undertake
If your love is to be a lottery or super bet
I’m sure I will stake with all I get
For your my jackpot and last bet
And every time with you is like a reflection of myself
So, I feel so safe like a book on a shelf

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