Dark empty sky stretched
To the wide endless recurrence of infinity
Kissed by cold callous breath
Of a lonely dull lighted keeper of the night skies
Whom roused from a deep sleep


Breathing in wide flared nostrils
And aggressive jaws clenched in tight grasps
Eying a sad desiccated hero like a bad dream
In demeanors that scorn rather than sympathize

The hero whom fought battle of the hearts
With invincible ferocity and fanatical devotions
Written in the romantic scriptures of love
Yet betrayed by the moon he held dearest.

That moon whom light his world,
Gave his life purpose
And fed his ravenous flames
Not the iced teeth dying light
Who leeches the flesh of his sorrows
And bids no good morrows

So much he felt beaten by this moon
That he regrets his part
In this business of the heart
As he lay down muttering an aside

“Oh mine heart
To Irreparability you are hurt
Take me away to the angels I belong
That they may console thee with a song.

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