We live in a society where human
right is abused
And public office is being misused
A society that has dealers and not leaders


A society where bourgeoisies are
accepted and celebrated
And proletariats are rejected and dejected

We’re in a society where virtue is
and vice is virtue
A society where an enemy is a friend
And a friend is an enemy

If you stand for the truth
You’re seen as object of caricature
People would even tarnish your nomenclature
That’s the society we live in

We live in a society full of greed
This has become a political creed
Where the poor are drowning in a sea of grief
Because they’ve nowhere to find relief

This is really bad and disturbing
Which makes me to start pondering:
How can we be in a society that is full
Of insanity?
One that has no regard for humanity

We should not allow society to be
This narrow
Let’s put aside all this lamentation
And think about the next generation
For it to be a better one tomorrow

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