Am tired of mocking myself


Balanced in unsecured shelter

Connected with no gain

Drought in existence of pain

Exaggerating me in the past

Falling to the thorns of wounds

Growing in shed of anxieties but grace located me

Hanged with the rope of death his mercy loosed me

Identified no digestion

Justified in the beauty of shame

Kindled with the melody of unsactisfaction

Lonely in heart

Manipulated in manace

No room for night rest

Opposing miraculous, ruins the

Perfectly in straight lines of fears

Quench the fire flame with a drop of tears

Rejecting my affection

Suspended in space of jealousy

Turning silence as my enemy

Useless as the world seems to me

Venerated in search for vengeance

Worries behold my strength and smile

Exposed in dignity of freedom

You are valuable in his sight

Zealously i was drawn closed by which i seek.

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