Entrailed in your thoughts and deeds

I have been raped

My pride has been vanquished and torn apart

Your deeds were your thought’s

Mind and shamelessly excuted

You had no shame

While you pride your deeds

You preyed on their innocence and desecreted pride ‘s eyes

No one asked of their permission

When you forced out the innocence in them and made live in fear

The shame still haunts thus hurts my soul

No one deserved to be raped

I deserve not anguish memoria distress

Which as become a weapon of war in heart

Rape cannot not be forgotten

It lives in it’s generic essence

Violence affect all parts of my heart and you dug up soul’s essence,killing honour and all forces of dignity you shred

Victims are blamed

You made them manifest in anxiety,depression ,substance abuse ,irritability ,anger and memoria flashbacks

Do i commit suicide ?

Memories are fragmented

They become a source of shame and confused mind ‘s withdrawn from virginity as you configured them to be

Now,i am helplessly facing psychological trauma

All as a result of your violence and abuse

Justice for rape victim

Tomorrow is too late to stand for them

When feelings are reconnected in disdained empathy

Making them feel void

I am seperated from my body,trouble concentrated

Detached from the world

My crimson red defiled on the day,the world turned stone in my heart

Helplessly triggered and mute

Don’t you feel ashamed and quilty for assault ?

She could be your wife or a mother

Screaming out for help which was a melodic lullaby noise in your ears

Tears drip down in a bout of drought thus grieve in my heart

You held me in my pain and a gong,

Sherd my creeping undercover ,avoiding the truth which still hurts

Rape is evil and cannot be forgotten

Now my pride is my bitterness

Oh !The world doesn’t feel like a safe haven anymore

But trust yourself to come out strong

Face life ‘s reality with all your guts and give yourself the message of hope

Just listen to life for you are worth more.

By Felicia Saidu ft Dim Ifeanyichukwu .

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