The cloud is darkened

The heaven’s lightning is sparked

She is angry and her voice growls, grunting like a beast

Ready to devour the earth

With the cloud changing like Chameleon


The wind lashes her terror on us while we play

And our eyes are filled with dust

The cloud swims to the east

Waiting for a time to revenge

Ten toes running to her hiding place


No pillars hold the heaven to the earth but she unleashes like a string to the earth

With mouth wide open

The earth sucks the breast that feeds her

Yet she is still hungry


The water overflows our gutters and drainages causing our properties to float

And our backs are bended to work

With a bowl, we erase the terror past

Oh! Heaven, have your anger subsided?

Gentle as a dove as if no havoc occurred


The wind that blew the dust

That lashed my eyes is gone to bed

Ten toes come out of their hiding place

To face the day’s work



By Dim lfeanyichukwu

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