Unaware of the mistake that brought her grief and sorrow

She was rejected by those who love her

Her mind like balloon garland of many thoughts

Confusion trails her

The scar is anew in mind’s screen

And her pillow is wet all night


Grief has kept on knocking on her door

Anxiety has torn her clothes

And my heart is ripped apart

Nobody to share her broken heart with

Wedding cord is unheld

And the cordless bond had pain in its citrus juice


No blessing is tied to this cord

And the shame I dwell in steadily keeps my heart to the kids unborn

Pregnancy out of wedlock, a taboo in her clan

She toiled all day in bulged belly

Born into a land of flesh, the fetus doubled

The pain of raising the kids have stiffened her heart


She sleeps and her heart’s awake

Who will raise the kids with her?

Agonized by her mistake

And driven out in the second trimester

In cold and no roof over her

She toiled to feed the joy

That gladdens her heart


If her parents were alive

Fate would have smiled

Mother’s love would be like the chess queen protecting the chess Kings unborn

Hatred surged in the heart of those who should have loved

How would she feed the kids?

Misery piles up in her heart


The cross l bear is to care for my kids

My womb was a house that kept them warmth

There is no roof to keep them warmth again

Belly buttons tended in ignorance

The love of my kids is an undying flower

That grows in my thought

I love my kids with all heart

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