Self-interest and personal greed
Have become his coat of arms
With his kleptomaniac fingers
Amassing the country’s wealth
For his own private account

He fills his table with food items
He can never consume
Whilst the famished are scourged
By the pangs of hunger
Starvation viciously hunts our homes
Like a wounded lion hunting his prey

His cunning mind renders us useless
Cunningly maneuvering his way
Through the loopholes
Sabotaging an attempt to a new era
Successfully causing a rift on the system

Turning to a rat nibbling on the
Country’s ration
His greedy eyes searching for
Possible gold
He becomes a bad egg
Affecting the other
Causing havoc to the peaceful soul.


©️Mario-ink (Nigeria) ??
Ibrahim Khalil Sesay (Sierra Leone)??

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