Ikenga why had thou stripped me naked
I have come home after a fruitless search of the leaves of fortune
I have sojourned on a journey of fate
Waiting for fate to turn around

But it is a journey unfulfilled
The rain has beaten me
And now l am cold
The sun burnt me
And now l am sick

Yet my desires unborn
My face is like rotten feces left to find its fate out of the surface of the soil
Life has treated me thus
I walked to and fro in search of this leaves of fortune
Men call money

Yet it is like chasing my shadows
Some are rich from toe to head
While some toil to have
That is life for you
It is indeed a market place

Nneka l have come home bath with dust
Life gave me an empty plate of food to feed from
Of which l cannot eat and my shoes are laughing to the wind

Life’s a grave
Where you don’t know tomorrow
Life is pregnant
I was born naked
Now, l toil to clothes

Tell Amara, Chinwe, Chimezie
That life is like climbing the wind
Tell Atuenyinwa, that l am left with crumbs of grains to feed from
Eating is hellish

Not eating is not easy
A piece of crumb has left me belly-full
I have walked through this desert called life
And l met so many sands
That retarded my tired feet

So many tree branches that blurred my view
I cried when l was born
Chinwe, Chimezie will cry when l die
Life’s change, an unvalued coin
Unthinkable perceptive representation of that thing called death

Why are you wailing?
Your eyes are swollen
Tears swim like river down your chin
Death has stained our clothes

The sands are happy again
Ada Ezennaya, what happened?
Briefly you tiptoed to silence
After all just but one day
The reward of life, an unvalued coin

Ada Ezennaya tell lkenga that our tears filled a bucket
Tell him, he is too quiet for our liken
Ask him, why he is standing akimbo
While our mockers knock our doors
Remind him that our enemies have gathered in glee and we are in the hide

We are mute like dead men
We can’t talk amidst our foes
Cos our broken teeth shamefaced
Why we bow our heads grieving tune of fate.


Love in Peace and Harmony

Shade on my Light

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