Human mind oh! Human mind
Impregnable sub-conscience
Cognitive element of a spirit being
Possessive element of thinking
Scrutinizes in the pant slate of the mind force

Human mind oh! Human mind
Grows like a babbling child learning to talk
Grows like a young chick
Develops with ageing like the impetus heir apparent
Intrinsic icon of repute

Human mind oh! Human mind
Deceitful sub conscience
Just like the differential human faces so is the human mind a mystery
A haven of havoc

Human mind oh! Human mind
A haversack of deception
Elusive wisdom of the gods
Goes into a nightmarish trance with the spirit

Embedded with the spirit
And dies with the shadow
Tugged with the shadow in transition
And the mundane body buried six feet down the earth.


Tears Of The Sun

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