It was not a mistake, I married you


Love held us knitted

Love is gone sour

Mother found a village bride

But I preferred you


She saw the trouble coming

It was the love I chose

Now, the pressure is heavily built on me

I knew you, I wedded you, I couldn’t conquer the nightmare of adultery


Traditional rituals held

The bride price paid

But the dowry was adulterous

On the aisle, l walked with you

And the ring, love’s testament


I married the trouble that ruined me

Now, l owe my family a million apologies

Pretence in love

But treachery sewed in your heart


Billions of my treasure stolen

Absconded with your lover

And l am dismayed

The bittersweet taste of it all is that you left Chimamanda and little Joe


Now, I have to take care of the kids alone

Who will replace the mother of my kids?

The wine I married has gone sour

She lost her love, marriage and kids to adultery


My better half left without mother’s love

Little Joe cries all night

No breast to suck in the ninth month

Chimamanda has not stopped asking your whereabout


No thought of the pains of child birth

Love of your children died the day you slept out

Going out, not easy

My place of daily bread suffers

I can’t concentrate anymore


The bairn cries in my heart

And my heart holds the love which is my blood

Waking up at night, my worries

Coming home after the day’s toil, my fears

Raising the kids alone stares me in the face


Bonding again, not an option

Loving again, defeated in my heart

Leaving the kids to another in marriage died naturally

The kids are my pride

And my love abounds in them

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    • Thanks Dacosta Kofi.

      It is not easy raising kids without their mother’s love or without their father’s love. The bond of family unity should be uppermost in marriages. Let love lead in all marriages.


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