No fun for the broken heart sometimes, obviously there’s no fan for the ‘Adeɛyie’ when he’s mending tattered sweat pants, very suffocating.
Calling me ‘sweetheart’ is just like sugarcoating my heart with words, not knowing that part of your plan to fracture it into cookies and clear them as well as the cache of promises.
Devil in disguise! A devil in this guy’s body is frightened by the touch of “this angel”, a touch much bitter much than death.
I remember the day I looked through the windows, I read your lips. You told me;
“You are the apple of my eye”, oh no no no!
You were eyeing that bitten apple behind that tablet bought by your “guy friend”, forgetting what you inscribed on the tablet of my heart.
I guess it was one of your other courses you’ve planned to “chew and pour, pass and forget”. Well, you’ve had your distinction!
Hello Apathy! I just sent you a friend request. They said I’m experiencing heart break, of course! I’ve got no heart left to break because my heart is taking a break so haters please pump your brakes!
That day, I gave a big wave. The sound, the air and the sea couldn’t stand mine so they rallied behind me and gave their waves. I know I’m not perfect but I was pushed to the wall to say goodbye!





Ageless Friend

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