We’ve all got these mines in our minds,

you better mind your step or else

this journey of yours would be ‘mind blowing’.

Take cover like there’s a crossfire,

the world has always been a battlefield

but we rather like it when we’ve got our shades on

whilst looking at the ‘brighter’ side of events.

They say “drop your guns and swords, and let’s live in harmony”

They’ve “dropped that yam” concept and now what do we have?

Modified Microbes in Test Tubes.

Still here taking these measures, the lengths and breadths

on how the spread is skyrocketing on daily basis.

We’re even afraid to catch some cold now that the heat is on;

oh poor lungs and breaths! That day you’d be moist and so cool again, respectively!

Lockdown has got some people to look down on themselves, wait!

At least they’ve got mirrors on the floor; no wonder!

Emake some people too dey see dema body sef.

To all those who had the blackout and never had the chance to see the light again, Rest in Peace!

To all those who had escape the “Attitude Adjustment” forces by staying in your homes,

even to those still straying your domes, a lesson lessens lessons!

The tears of the Sun is not the rain; it is the storm’s fear of brighter days!

There will be Solar days ahead.

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