Our hearts bleed out our pains

The so called white heads call us insane

Divided like the cord on the map

We fought with our fists

While they tore us apart with a flip…

Bound in chains

They led us to be slaughtered

The blue eye only watch

The yellow eye only itch

The ash eye only laugh

While they invade our territory…

We fought for victory

Our story rehash

Every step a mystery

Our children heard the history

When all is about the fallen glory…

Divided equally on the arm

Like the divided red sea

Falsely they claim superiority

Exalted their skin color

While ours a shameful molded color…

The word on the other hand

The sword on the other hand…

On our land we became scavengers

Praying for a set of avengers

To play the role of vengeance

We sat on the moon for final whistle…

Our chains are broken

We fought our shadows

We wrestled against our fears

We wipe away our tears

And never to be doomed ….

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