Tales of the forgotten
Legends never dies…..
Stretching out of the gulf of Guinea,
Through the plain site of the river Nile,
The length, width and breadth of the Niger River,
Straight through the creeks of river people, heroes are born men of valor,

I’ve known heroes, ancient as the world and older than the flow of blood in my veins,
I’ve known Isaac who stayed under the jasper tree nicknamed ADAKABORO, one who sail on cloud across the sky only to be supported by the calm river of his birth flowing through mothers land,
His good heroic steed sped on as he lead his brothers unitedly as delta front, with raffles of justice and bullets of oppression, forty-five leaping from creek to creek, hill to hill springing through white blockages and black damned political perverts,
Wishing to rain salty hopes and sugar future on his beloved people.

Pass over rivers and lakes,As It Is Written(To Pain They Mourned)
Across ocean shore lies our hero of word,
Forthwith the hero left his weapon of mass destruction upon the river Bank,
A face seen in a crowded street he become,
A river leading to nowhere he was called, for he believed ” the pen is mightier than the gun”, violence he condemned looking forward to changing the situation of his people with a white truth, only to be seen as black disturbance
Faithful to his curse, unfaithfully tried under the kangaroo justice, the Hangs man noose he faced,

Indeed Legends lives on,
The labour’s of our heroes past, shall never be forgotten,
As they transcend beyond this physical world, there legacy remain branded in our hearts for really it is the tales of the forgotten.

……….. Riverflow………

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