We’re the high priests of society
We make known the unknown
For people not to live in obscurity
We use sociological lens
So everything we do makes sense

We mix words and numbers to
And we can also speculate
We can conceptualize
Our methods we can utilize

We study the problems of people
And make solutions possible
We also sit down and ponder
Just like Marx Weber

We have the mimetic desire
One of the things we acquire
Some think we’re psychologists
But we’re sociologists
We always give people gists

We’re also speculative
This makes us calculative
To us nothing is new
Even the falling of dew

We’re a light in a sea of darkness
To the world we bring brightness
Considering that we’re exceptional
Our course is being functional

In every facet of life
You can find us and this is obvious
Politics, law, economics, etc. are
Part of our ‘’salad-bowl’’
So come and be part of us and
Learn new and even things of the old

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