Grey is the uncertainty of thy Wobble self,
Frey to the extreme of thy short-lived life,
Circumstantial cut of thy own short coming,
I’m hard press by my undying faith of giving up before the start,

so with a loud voice , I screamed,
attempted to fight back,
but your undying fierce strength
ragging to destroy the hero
stood like a bronze wall right before me. You’ve sworn to keep this battle alive ever, you’re a predator dwelling right on my strength, my downfall is thy greatest joy.

A deadly horror thwarting my once golden opportunity
of lifting the trophy…. I had lived under thy depression.
you’re a weakling, is the words you echo in my ears, i fight but I fight to be defeated.
Savage! thy mission is to shatter but I pick up my broken pieces to take a daring step….

I stand zealously to combat thy menacing strength that’s endless like a River flow, I had lived under thy depression.
I’ve been subjected to live a cowardice life… I grief because that’s not how I wanted to live.
You’d advise, don’t try cos you can’t stand them,
You fight hard to stay but I fight harder to defeat you, I’ll fight to bring back my dreams almost going to the world of fairytale.
Retrieving back the potential in me at the verge of fading like the withered leaves of the desert is where I stand.

To look, life on the face and spit at my default,
To brace myself, my back against the wall face high up in the wind, letting loose thy worries.
As I fight with optimism and pray to the all-father, on valkyries wings take my fear to the pit of no return..

Linda Okafor


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  1. Strong and beautiful piece. I love the determination to win and pick up the broken pieces. Thumbs up sis!


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