A black queen from Kada

Elegantly beautiful

Naturally endowed in black African tint

O lily of the North

How my love grows in faith with destiny

Black heroine, mother of warriors


Brave warrior of the East

You are lovely and persistent

I love to hear his chords of talk

But, will the music have a pleasing sound?

If l knew what love is

It is because of you


Your beauty is African beauty

O daughter of the North

Fairest in heart among women

That l may seek you like a piece of pomegranate

And your temple hides behind your veil


You must know that loneliness sold a bond in my heart

But you came to rescue me

O brave warrior of the East

How could so much love be found in you?

You clung unto me like a song of love

The deepest affection to the simple pleasure with your virility in display


I found an Amazon in the forest of love

Where many trees reside

The tree l desire stood in the midst of the forest unbent

O Sarauniya, my heart’s love

Would you come to me?

My hairy chest waits for thy soothing touch


You eliminated my sense of loneliness by loving me

As warmth replaces cold

Conversation replaces silence

My lips are soft

My body as velvet and my cold embrace turned warmth

My lover has come along the path that lovers thread

Lonely days over and life is like a new song


I am waiting for you in the lonely  Street

Singing to the birds about my love

Your perfume stood in between to remind me that you are near

Your thought is a plate of love in my heart

And my heart feeds the love therein untold



By Dim lfeanyichukwu and Saidu Felicia

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