Tamed of the forces of darkness

Unfazed and not daunted of the terror by night

Religion is religion

Be it Judaism, Christianity or lslamism

Religion of the star, cross and of the moon and star


Crooked from the onset like death

Crooked from the onset like life

Crooked from the onset like the sun

Crooked from the onset like the moon and the stars

Crooked from the onset like the day and night


Bore in the womb as a seed

Spreads like grain by the wind during birth and the tenets a triplet twin

The Torah, the Bible and the Qu’ran

Inspired by a super human

Written by long noses


Imprints an indelible mark on the man in the mask

The clouds swim Eastward to where the baking sun sleeps

Unshaved beards

Bended knees with heads knocking the ground Eastward


My kippah, my Tallit, my Siddur, my pride

The Temple wall is where l pray and cry, waiting for a time to rebuild my worries

Incubated trust on HaShem, my EloHim

Jerusalem is the glory reign

Al Aqsa, on the temple mount, you rode down the road till when my worries rebuild


Church of the Holy Sepulchre is where the Bible speaks

The star bore the cross

Second twin perused

Honey coated tongue lashing

Second born twin

Congregation entwined with prayers to Ogologomma and the three tiers gregarious while we await the Mashiach


By Dim lfeanyichukwu

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