At thought, the heart beats hundred
times faster.
The torment is like a raging torrent
Powerful enough to drown the globe
The earth thrown off it’s balance
You’re the worst nightmare
of the neighboring planet .

Generations unborn
wish not to know you.
Nations in existence
are stock in a delimma
The fate of tomorrow
is a mystery to all.
Earthly creatures
Wish to see tomorrow
But your presence
makes them battle with their hopes.

You Savage!!
When will you exit
the serene environment
Of the peaceful habitats?

Your existence has belittled the intelligence of men
You’ve dethroned the almighty Kings Of the world

You beast!
Shall man continue to live on fears
of not knowing if he will see tomorrow?

You’ve drawn the battle line
The warriors are set to lift the trophy
You’ve been in a bloody combat with man
But in assurance man’s victory is certain.

You came through man
And man shall send you back.
It’s enough!
You terrorising pandemic!.

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