Concealed in your thoughts

Evil minds deepen in despair

Evil thoughts breed evil acts

But you acted in shame and felt proud raping pride

Whom do l tell about this defilement?

Which has made me cry my eyes out

You paddled unrighteousness in the river of your conscience and deflowered Nkombo in brute hatred


Your groove of happiness tore her heart and cursed be this day when you defiled pride’s altar

Thy tip’s splurge inside of me brought me pain and hatred and this day, I will never forget

Did I consent to it? Hell No!

Gripped by your deeds


Ekwendu must hear this, that his daughter had been forced to reckon with shame

See what you did to her

You ate up a morsel of hatred when you ripped her underclothes

Ndabu tried this and the gods inflicted Ibi ( Swollen Scrotum) on him

And the shame and the pain, he bore knew no bound


Evil has a twisted end

See, our culture kept evil at bay

But the bowl of evil which we abhorred has cracked open and we are in shock

In the bowl

Rape has spout evil like a fountain

Her memories echo with the sound of violence and I always see her afflictions and sores before me


In this bowl

Rape bore hatred, wickedness, violence, immorality, pain and evil

And what binds us with this evil has been untied and the potency defiled

You punctured the cord of her virginity, raped her dignity and defiled her pride

Which face would she use in the mix of her peers?

At Ngala festival of virginity, she has lost the trophy of fulfilment and pride

Would Oduovo reprieve his interest in the traditional cord?


Justice for raped victims

Justice must be served in its full strength

Be it Cultural Justice, Social Justice or legal Justice

Rape in itself is an unpleasant act, capable of destroying life’s essence.


By Dim lfeanyichukwu

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