Zoom to your focus


Focus on your zoomed

Take a clear shot

Missing no chance at all

Widen up your aperture

Allow more or less light before you capture

Maybe it may be reflections

So rapture your obstacles

Put on a new lens

And press on to a perfect picture

And if it appears blurry

Try another shot

Give it the right timing

Never leave it hanging

Always keep it going

Never freak out

Even if it’s that scary

Like the Halloween night

We ignore all monster looks and our own fright

And press on with fun that intense

So intense to brighten every dark side

Just press on the light

The light to open up yourself

To your hidden dreams and abilities

Though life has several joints and pauses

And sets failures in our daily clauses

Yet like a vessel on a stormy sea

We still sail through even what we don’t see

Though the tides do rise

Yet we don’t give up the prize

We go through the hard-way

For there’s no easy way

And in the strive, don’t stop halfway

Just keep pushing through everyday

Press on

What others may seem impossible

And many will think is not feasible

But that’s your dream to live

And not theirs to claim

So no matter what others may say

Just press on I say.

From any position you may.

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