Africa a beautiful continent; A lady full of life with untapped resources.
An ideal moment to be married to correct her flaws


For her to be well exploited and managed by her suitor

Religion was a leading peaceful actor
Yet politics has won the marriage license with aggression
And the wedding is set during elections

The political players and stakeholders
The chiefs and opinion leaders acting as our father’s

Barter trades our development
By negotiating our bride price for their advancement

So to those candidates who drop brown envelopes and make good ties
Are considered as the best groom for us

The marriage vows are found in the manifestos and agendas
Which is filled with false propaganda’s

Rusted but neatly polished
Being well hidden in glorious suits
Till they assume office when entrusted

Then you see the carcass beneath the looks

Power drunks.
Giving the wrong people the right ranks

Changing the system
To meet their party and personal anthem

Amassing our resources;of course it’s a wedding party as set
Producing a generation of similar mindsets

Politics;full of lunatics
Says the opposition who wants to be in their edifice

Loading several critics
Just to do worse mistakes he predicts

But the cheers for then are still loudest
For politics have wedded Africa in silence

Our union is one in chains
For Africa is bleeding in pains

But separation will surely come
For their ring and power lies on our thumbs

Their bride price will be returned with persecution
But until then who will re-marry Africa ?;and strengthen its institutions.

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