Dear sky, let loose thy rain
That my sorrows be washed away
Dear Nightingale, I’d be
Glad if only you can sing to my heart.
A heart dominanated by agony.
O’ sun, bring forth thy light
That my hope be brightened.
Brightened as the Crystal

Dear moon, spring forth thy light
Chase away this darkness.
Darkness that took shelter in my heart
Thy oceans of peace,
Flow with freedom
And go with my boredom.

Priest of the alter,
Pray that my pains be taken
By the sky Lord, sending me gracias
Mother, I seek thy assuring voice
Tell me it’s gonna be alright
O’ Sweet mild breeze
Gently come take me
Take me to that world,
where imagination Comes forth
Bringing Love,
Bringing happiness
Bringing comfort.

You drummer, play that beat
That I’ll be lured to dance
To that tune that takes my sorrows away
And bless me with Melodious Joy.
I sleep, I wake, I pray
That I shall wake one morning
And see this melancholic pains
In the world of Extinction.

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