White is thy heart but stained
Heart nefarious but beautiful to the beholders. Voice sweet, a deceit plot you’d offer. Just like it rains from the eyes of the Crocodile,
you blubed, taking pity on me
But behind the tears, was a mockery smile, You played the drums, summoned thy earth to celebrate my pains.


Heavenly is thy profession to me
But vomits hell in the presence of my absence.
weired it is, to nuture a chameleon
Believing am with the seraphim
A kiss I’d get from you, but lent by Judas
In that parcel is wrapped a gift
Nothing but hatred it contained.
I dig deep, building trust
Building love, but on your rocky heart.

An angel to my face but not so in my absence.
Its like I see love in your eyes but betrayal it has.
You made a semorn, professing to the earth, you are a saint but on a reverse to me.
This betrayal is a trust torture
More poisnous than a venom
Hypocrisy has desolved the trust of men.

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