We lived in harmony until they sailed through the Niger.
Like saints, they transgressed with intent to devour.
Without hostility but hospitality we shared.
Unknown to the dove that it’s nest has been infested by soldier ants.

Our hearts were pure and free of pant
like that of a newly birthed infant.
In them we could see brothers,
Brothers from across the borders.

Through the Niger, they came sailing.
But like lions in sheep clothing.
Known in faces with intents in masks.
They came encapsulated with a task.

We’ve brought you treasures, they made us believe.
Little did we know they came to devour our treasures.
Our mothers they turned servants,
Our fathers drudged with no iota of humanity.

The mayhem continued to spread like a wild fire.
We toiled, we bled and we groaned in pains.
Under the harsh sun and the frenzy atmosphere we were striked like animals.
Until the cock croaked and the bells rang.

Amazonians we had as lass.
Warriors we had as lads, In that dogged spirit, our heroes past stood bold like an eagle.
Fought daringly.
To create a new world.
A new world of Liberation.
A world stuffed with light.
Light that shines on the faces of the nation.
That has brought unceasing smile to the hearts of the nation.

I speak of a land that was mathematically calculated,
Geographically sighted
And agriculturally vested.
I speak of that has been naturally endowed with the gift of nature.
I speak of that black land with black men who in their pure heart, has made the country proud.

We cried and toyed in sorrow
But cried no more when men from different region come to a legion to fight for the nation.

My mother land was free from doom.
Independence came and we got freedom.
Happy independence to my mother land.

By: MC Proph Opeyemi
Oguche Samuel
Okafor Linda
Walter Peter’s


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Dim light

Once a bright star and a beloved

Now you are nowhere to be discovered

Like a dim moon
Or an ended toon

It was a great show anyway

Waking up everyday beside someone you know I say

A perfect picture

Now with a terrific nature

Horrific to look at

For the bright lights are now gone out

Leaving the atmosphere stygian

With invisible shadows

Stealing the ecstasy of the libertarian

Who now resides in hollows

Struggling to be apparent in the spotlight

With every possible might

Despondently, your return cannot be anticipated

Till our lives become terminated

For situations at times

Present us with limes

But if you can make the bitter sweet

Then the sweetness will always retweet

All hopes can fall out

All lights may dim out

But look further in the tunnel that is darkened

For there’s actually a light at the very end that is well brightened

Dim light you may be now but brighter is your end.

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AudioPoetrySpoken Word


I remember
when I was a toddler

How I loved music
And danced with my whole physique

I then hit adolescence
With all my innocence

I played ampe
Till my calf became Kankpe

My Teen ages
Were like grilled sausages

With burnt portions
Erred like unsuccessful abortions

Then I hit the road of adulthood
That was when I respected parenthood

Nostalgic memories
Pouring out from the arteries

Like dead batteries
Being revived like pen in dairies


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Together forever

Together forever is the theme

Of bonding us together to the end and extreme

To overthrow and rule our dream

Of staying together to the brim as a team

So forever with a solid foundation of love, respect and trust

Our friendship was a galvanized one that will have never rusted

Yet you bruised our fantastic love fantasy in pain

When you left me in my struggle and shame

In the quest for someone to offer comfort, wealth and fame

But as moments leave stains on our memories

So will our dark caves always recall such amazing stories

Stay tuned to the good old days

The whispers of love was so deep I say

And together forever should we have stayed

Not for you to yonder your youthful beauty away

Just to wonder your paths across my now smooth way again

And now preaching of repentance after going astray

Forgetting your pledge was blown away from it’s feet

When it was meant to last forever and not just some few weeks

But at least I learnt never to put all trust in man, Not that they may deliberately disappoint

But rather situations sometimes cause them to unintentionally disappoint at a point

Yet a pledge to stay together forever

Requires laying down your life to be raided for each other

Going through rough and smooth paths together

And upholding each other’s values and happiness in high esteem

That alone can assure your togetherness till death do you part when the time deems

So to let’s enjoy our solemn vow of being together for now

For it’s unfortunate we will someday still say goodbye as well

Since we will not live forever

But to my heart ? we ought to stay together forever

Published by DaCosta de Poet ?

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We’re in a World by Linda Okafor

We’re in a world where
Fantasies are so much fancied
Making the Young folks believe in fallacies.
A world where many fake it to impress others with that delusive painted look.

We’re in a world where
Young lass enthusiastically
Free gift their dignity
both for Eagles, Kites and Hawks
To feast in return for material things.

We’re in a world where
The young lads are too quick to make the hay even when the sun is yet to shine,
To turn money Lords overnight
Is the only mantra on their lips
Installing negative deeds in their minds.

We’re in a world where
The teenagers burn midnight subscription to chat
Instead of midnight candles to read.

We’re in a world where
Decency is nonsense
And indecency is sensible
Where morality is vandalised
And immorality is now the order of the day.

By: Linda Okafor ??
Zealous Poetess ✨

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Oh Lord why?! Not again!

Oh Lord why ?! Not again

I lament at such a sight, with much agony and pain

My anticipation in life did cover only winning more gains

Not seeing land being soiled always with blood like the June July rains

Our very dearest and best of brethren are daily being killed and getting lost.

Just in the name of peace and sovereignty, one has to pay the dear cost

Carrying out drastic orders just to protect others.

Killing our brothers just to secure our borders.

Why has there always been a sacrifice yet price to pay in essence.?

Just and just for another mankind’s livelihood and another’s existence.

But whose fault is it to blame.

Political hooligans toss us like a dice ? game.

To secure power, wealth and ambitious aims.

Chiefs and opinion leaders not to even talk of our religious leaders , they all persecute us just for their fame.

Why can’t we all live as one people.?

Why do we take advantage of the feeble.?

Just wanted to let you know that peace is a priceless masterpiece that cannot be replaced by any piece.

So let’s drop the nuclear weapons, bombs and guns.

And prevent our human race from all this painful runs.

I am human and I plead for justice and peace

I plead for equal rights and opportunities in our domain to be at ease

Yes! Enough of the pain


As It Is Written(To Pain They Mourned)




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HopeLifePoetrySpoken Word


Raise the platform in the alley

And let’s conduct a campaign rally

Let’s promise them a heaven amidst the storms

Let’s ensure something new, something out of the norm

Draft a new Propaganda

Dubbed “the agenda for a prosperous Africa”

Let us preach their utmost interest

And place it above every existing nest

Yes! yes!, that is what politicians Promises us;

Several non-existing development.

Yet we know what they truly meant

That all was for their Selfish interest

Full of greed and selfishness

Trading our welfare as if their own business

Corrupting the institutions

Polluting the populations

Trading our long lasting peace

With argument, war and corrupt practices just for a silver piece.

Advancing the knowledge gained from our books

Just for looting our resources for their shooting boots.

Oh Mama Africa

Till when will your cries be heard?!

Till when will your smiles be spread!?

Let’s raise the platform again

This time no falsehoods and selfish gains

This time let’s consider the natives livelihoods and pain

Let’s practise what we preach

And make every resource and opportunity get to everyone’s reach

Let’s have love for all and hate for none

And Africa will surely unite as one.


by DaCosta de Poet?

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AudioPoetrySpoken Word

That One

I gave my all
Got nothing at all
Not a call
Or even a ball

I waited for years
Took all that bears
And even all the fears
But it ended in tears

I lost my heart
After all the art
Though I played my part
I was pierced with a dart

I tried
I pried
I cried
It dried

I bought
I fought
I thought
I sought

My feelings were disrespected
My emotions were dissected
My mood was dilated
And my heart was diluted

I no longer have that One
That special some One
That sweet, sugary One
Has been handed over to some One.

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We know say for some of us
Na for ghetto dem born us
Na for ghetto we go school
The school we go self no be first class
Na for ghetto we dey grow up
But e no mean say We no go make am.

We know say for some of us
Our Papa no be minister
Our Papa no be millionaire
E fit be say some of us no get Papa self
But e sure for us, we go make am
So far baba God dey with us.

We know say for some of us
Na we hustle pay our school fees
We no say even connection we no get
Say we reach where we reach today
Na we hustle am out
But the thing be say, God dey with us

We know say for some of us
We no get fine house to live
we no get better motor
But e sure for us say
One day this hustle go pay
God no go shame us at all.


By Linda Okafor ??
Zealous Poetess ✨

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In it I take my joy.
Not an ordinary appellation,
It took a different twist,
Sabon but never related
In the infancy of dawn,
I stepped into oozing dew
Blanketed by the droplets
Which fest on my nimble foot

Oh! my ankles weren’t left out
The blades of grass axed them
Like a butcher’s chopping board
The bijoux of cow dung crowded
A meandered path
Uncertain of what hide under
A callused darkness of water and mud.

I wobbled faster than a dodged bird,
Dangled closely to a shooting pellets And hopped sharper than a toad,
Distancing my wafted feet
from seated lakes,
On a middle path.
But why should I snailed ponds
Or Mountains, Blades of grass,
Endure the bloodstains to a Joy?

I got to the four squared edifice
Wishwashed in yellowish oil,
Candying in with dawn timberness.
It’s not an ordinary joy.
From above, it stooped into my palm,
Caressing my soul, body and mind.
It’s a Joy of different order.


Al Latif Kambonaang.

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