Dear Leader,


Read carefully the situation on grounds; readers are leaders, right?

No theatrics! Just think about every character and their roles; they matter.

Dear Ruler,

To keep the hood in good shape, you have to be in the line you drew.

You step out, standard deviation!

Several lines from all directions will cross you out of the equation and you would even be deprived of the freedom of expression!

Dear Master,

It is never too late to muster the courage and free the truth into the audio and cardiac lands of your people. Who knows?

They might muster a parade in your name, celebrating your honesty!

Give up that Masters Degree in Dishonesty program.

Dear GOD,

The Leader’s Master, the Master’s Leader, the Ruler’s Guide, everyone’s something, nobody’s everything, Your roles are infinite.

It is You who made them who they are now, sometimes they forget the reason why You placed them there.

Sometimes they intentionally don’t mind by doing what pleases their hearts.

Manipulator of Kings’ Hearts, do Your thing, we prithee!

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