Woe if i seek not peace
Born in a whirlwind of trauma
With a bleeding heart
Shame and quilt was my cradle

Beautified with anger,depression

The world had my fragile back smacked with jeers

Safe keeping in solitude


The melody was “noiseful ”

I danced with bitterness differently joyful  sorrow i felt

My tears were tasty

The demons in me inspired my moves

It was my body not me

It won the battle

Helplessly blind in blurry path

“self rejection “they tagged me


This is me a reflection behind the mirror

Defined by humanity

Like a movie i was viewed on a big screen

Had no belief of mine

This time,the lips behind mirror sealed

“i need rest ”

To me a hero empty headed

Teeth at the edge

Forgotten potential

Victim of her tongue


Weaknesses seized my breathe

Pitching relieved in thought

Breathless and living

Emotions robbed me of my greatness

I waited ,but am losing

My pulse needed a pause

She was confused and traped


Added by beauty of loneliness

Waters cool -headed

Whew of relieved

Vacancy of reflection standout

Still grow in grace

Happiness defined me

Black days are history

Shameless as i do it

Listening to the greatest secret of not intimidated

Dignity untie

It all stars within me.

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