So much has happened around us
Serious maiming of ourselves
As if we will not grow old one day


Powerful hands that once nurtured us
Bathed us in their own basins without killing us
And fed our hungry bellies to grow

Legs that once carried us through difficult ways
Walked miles unmeasured to safeguard us
Their bodies as our grass to step to grace

Eyes that once taught us silent speeches
Trailed our vulnerable steps to wisdom
Witnessed ungrateful generations uncharted

Ears that once listened to our wrath
Carried us on their falling backs without complaint
Our weight bending their waist to lynching mobs

Sons and daughters of her herd
Has sorted her old life out in disgrace
Tagged as witch overnight

Our vulnerable aged in society
Who has no wealthy pillars to lean on
Condemned to witchery at will

Breathe! Breathe! Youth and Adults of today
Who points fingers at the aged
They may be abstract, you are the whole chapter

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  1. I keep on wondering why a hand that nurtured one from cradle to adulthood should be hurt in old age. She didn’t sniff life out of one in birth but she was labelled a witch and killed in her old age. To me it is evil and must stop.

    Nice piece…… AL Latif kambo Naa.


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