Oh Lord why ?! Not again

I lament at such a sight, with much agony and pain

My anticipation in life did cover only winning more gains

Not seeing land being soiled always with blood like the June July rains

Our very dearest and best of brethren are daily being killed and getting lost.

Just in the name of peace and sovereignty, one has to pay the dear cost

Carrying out drastic orders just to protect others.

Killing our brothers just to secure our borders.

Why has there always been a sacrifice yet price to pay in essence.?

Just and just for another mankind’s livelihood and another’s existence.

But whose fault is it to blame.

Political hooligans toss us like a dice ? game.

To secure power, wealth and ambitious aims.

Chiefs and opinion leaders not to even talk of our religious leaders , they all persecute us just for their fame.

Why can’t we all live as one people.?

Why do we take advantage of the feeble.?

Just wanted to let you know that peace is a priceless masterpiece that cannot be replaced by any piece.

So let’s drop the nuclear weapons, bombs and guns.

And prevent our human race from all this painful runs.

I am human and I plead for justice and peace

I plead for equal rights and opportunities in our domain to be at ease

Yes! Enough of the pain


As It Is Written(To Pain They Mourned)



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