I know a man wealthier than Solomon
Who gives a spoon of wealth from the ocean of His wealth

He lay off one for another when pride ticks like a clock
But compassionately teases one, when remorsefully bind

He had never been hungry
He had never known taste

He had never worked to get money
But He is a treasure chest

He sends the wind to give wealth
And the cloud is His vehicle of wealth

His mouth is as wide as the earth and He sweeps the earth with His cloak

He has many eyes and His hands touch the earth from His throne

He curses and He blesses
His sword is as long as a string of rain and He formed us from blood

Angels eat the fruit of life and they die not
All is seen as what He does

Created humans out of dust
He takes when He wants and gives when He wants

He teases His taste with our praises
Ogologo nma agha Chi-ukwu, the cherubim sword of EloHim.

By Dim lfeanyichukwu

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