Ndi lgbo bu ndi gbóó
Ndi gbóó bu ndi lgbo
Omenala ndi lgbo bu enyi
And it has been from when the water quarrelled with the land
Separate ways, they went
From the inception of the world, ndi lgbo bu ndi Omenala
And the dainty breed is eaten from generation to generation


Scavenging with my ink
I inked on the gods
Slaughtering creativity on our culture
And the beauty is of blood
The gods drank of the ink thereof
And art is impregnated and born in my heart
Libation is poured to the gods
Eke, Orie, Afor, Nkwo are witnesses

Kolanut is broken
The nut ritual bakes prosperity and life
And a piece is thrown to the gods
Spirit is baked in the mouth, poured on the Ofó
The potency enlivened while the spirits come to live among men
I am the mouth piece of the gods
I am the beauty of the gods
Beautifying them with creative humor
And my ink is at work

Witnesses are deft in the realm
Let the kite perch and let the eagle perch too
Live and let us live too
That makes the world go round

If the eagle says the kite must not perch
The eagle will not perch too
If the eagle says the kite’s wings must break
Let it own wings break too

Chicken is rotated round the head
Prayers are said by the mouth of the gods
To cleanse evil omen and the gods are happy
Ofó is penned on the ground to accurse doom on evil
Protection is god’s on our land
Our culture is god’s and potent

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