Nature Authentic

Mama Africa!
Endowed with great rivers and beaches
A land fenced with milk and honey
A habitat of great heroes and heroines
That have made history
Her belly full of mystery

Mama Africa!
A soul filled with pride and honour
You’re envied by all
He couldn’t be exceptional, America
You’re a paradise on earth

Mama Africa
It’s an honour
To be birthed by you
Till eternity I’ll be so proud of you

Mama Africa
Undefiled is your beauty
Graced with treasures
Longing to be get hold of
By the neighboring continent.

Mama Africa!
you’ve birthed heroes
Your descendants, Amazons so industrious

Mama Africa
In your eyes is seen Love
Love ever endless
In your eyes is seen pains
Pains of the million treasures
Stolen by the white aliens

Mama Africa
I see in you bravenes
Brave to keep your descendants
I see in you Love
Love that welcomes both the whites
In deep hospitality
You embraced them

In you treasures are hidden
Ones that you’ve kept for your children
Your beauty reflects in the face of the ocean
From the valley
I can hear your sweet melody
So soothing to thy descendants.

Linda Nneka Okafor ( Nigeria) ??
Ibrahim Khalil Sesay ( Seirra Leone)??

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