Love which flows like a fountain of milk
Moistening my dried heart
Love pure and whiter than snow
Regulating my streak heart
Love which shines true like the smile of the morning sun
Brightening my darkened heart
Mama is the true definition of love
Her sweat defines the meekness of her love for the seeds of her womb
Her pains of struggle defines her war all for the best for the seeds of her womb
Her steps of courage into motherhood speaks of her unshakable heroism
Mama is a great warrior of life
The readiness of her lap
Always a cushion for me to fall on whenever the toils of life overwhelm
The softness of her heart, as a tree for me to lean on always
The words of her mouth, drives me on like an aircraft to embrace greatness
And to greater things
Mama is an Angel of life



The Rose ????

Wild is life, I am wilder

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