The ones who undertake our childhood roles
The very souls that prepares our daily bowls
They’re from men but raised higher on the pole
To be caring, loving, compassionate and selfless souls


– Dacosta


As we were ordered from the Almighty’s blessing store
They took up the mantle of a delivery guy to make the drop on the ninth month at their door
Crazy cravings, super contractions, womb kicks and still they pushed… they are the strongest.

 El Manolo


Yes strong enough to place us first at heart
Mothers are not much to get, but are enough for a household.
Their absence can put a house on hold.
We will forever retrieve and hail them ‘cos they are as precious as gold.

– Kofi Erick


Without whom we would have been an imagination
A mere wish wandering in infatuation
Without whom we would have been an illusion
Trashing in the clouds a mere hallucination
Without you we would have been tales of deception,running at a loss through conception
Could have been an abortion but you fought pass this direction and gave in to selection to land you a beautiful space in procreation

– Blaqboy


From the heavens above,
An angel of love
A falconress lent
and I, a falcon raised at her behest
From her wrist sent I flying
Flying, to brace lives endless struggles
Fearless; I, her pride
In life’s endless struggle
I know whose love would follow me still
Her gaze ever seeketh mine;
In flight… Beyond the horizon



Who held us before we could walk?
When we cried,
she wiped our tears and held us tight
There is none like, Mother

– Guyguy


You got a girl but she ain’t nothing like mine
You got a bestie but she ain’t like ma
If love had a face she’d look like my mother.
She calls me Kofi I call her Akosua Papabi



Mothers… human with humanity
the holy bodies in which babies are made
Always; strong to raise a generation
Always; gentle to nurse a great family
Always; in them, lies the beauty of motherhood



Mother who never gives up on us.
Always supportive… Risking their lives for us to achieve our goals
Mothers; our role models
Mother, who we run to in times of difficulties

 Derby Blaq 


Mother is golden
She is the treasure
I will always cherish

Mother is love
Everything love
Starts with her
And exists in her
I love my mother…



Oh! That epitome of strength,
Greatness, your golden heart beholds,
Dazzled by your kind nature,
A type even rare among men.
An Amazon with great vigour,
Unbent, her fear is, to the defense of her progenies.
A woman of virtue.

Walter Peter’s


A mother who doesn’t sell out.
A mother whom when you keep it 100% real with her, she’s gonna keep it 100% real with you also .
Forever my friend;Always my mother.

– Amachase 


Mother, a name so pure
Teaching how to believe
in ourselves and our ambitions
Making sure that each stays happy, at her expense
The many sacrifices made
You only live for others sake
Everything you gave, by your mere presence
Beauty personified, love in abundance
Mom you are and will always remain; Best



An Anthology of Poems for Mother’s (on Mother’s Day 09-05-2021), with contributions from Poet’s all over Africa.

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